Eddie & Claudia

Won't you just FALL  in love with these beautiful wedding day photos ?!? I mean I seriously CANNOT get enough of these two LOVIEEEESSS! When Eddie of Ink'd CO messaged me about his & Claudia's special day, I knew it was going to be unique since grooms usually aren't the ones to reach out to their photog hopeful.  Luckily for me, Eddie has a keen eye for beautiful photography and so it goes he saw a friends photos (taken by yours truly, of course) and after a few meetings I twisted their arm and things were all set to go for November 5, 2016!
     It's Always a pleasure getting to work with the friendly staff at Spinelli's  and what good would I be if I didn't oblige a little romantics on the river being that we are in the big beautiful land of TEXAS and bodies of water are EVERYWHERE! I think it's safe to say that Justin & I Kiehl'ed it in Comfort!
It feels great to finally take a breather from shooting and the holidays to catch up on editing all the goodness captured from this past wedding season!
I'm so excited to finally be blogging and sharing these fleeting moments with y'all!
Stay tuned for more in 2017!